Sunday, May 30, 2010

the journey has begun

(KS) I wake up every morning thinking about the day ahead, and what the Lord has for me... and yet at the forefront of my mind is all of the details and grueling work that is ahead of us in order to bring home our child from Africa. It is so easy for me to become discouraged, especially regarding the financial aspect of this whole process, yet I know deep in my heart that this is an opportunity to not only trust my Father for His provision, but to see His blessings unfold right before my eyes.

I never thought about adoption, really, until about 6 months ago when Jeff asked me if I'd be willing to consider it. I didn't even hesitate. "absolutely! let's do it" I'm sure he wasn't really surprised... I do tend to "fly by the seat of my pants". Yet, he, on the other hand is much more cautious and precise...thinking clearly through each decision before acting. I KNEW that God must have touched Jeff's heart to give him this desire for adoption. Our kids are THRILLED! Cbear is already praying for a baby sister, and has her room (mentally) rearranged to hold a crib!

...but back to the grueling paper work and stress of the financial end... I am coming to learn as I talk to many women who are either going through this process right now, or have adopted in the past, along with some AMAZING books that I've read, that THIS process of adoption, couldn't be closer to the heart of God. It is the very core of who He is. WE are His adopted children, as Russell Moore points out in his book, Adopted For Life.

If this is God's heart to care for "the least of these", then I need to trust that He is going to supply our every need along this journey. Not just financially, but spiritually, I can see that this is growing me closer to my Savior, daily.

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