Thursday, June 3, 2010

my new found spot...

(JS) I'm finding myself in this weird spot these days. It's uncomfortable. It's disorienting. It's a spot that I honestly never saw myself being in. It's the spot where the new car is not something I care about. A spot where having a manicured and perfect lawn is not where I want to spend my time or attention. It's a spot where brand name clothes don't define me.

The spot I'm walking away from is the spot where the world places my value.

That spot I do not care to be in.

Moving from that spot has required strength, determination, and will-power. It is hard work. It means people will continue to look at me funny. May say weird things about me, and I will need to be okay with it.

I need to believe that the spot I am in, is exactly the spot where He wants me. The spot where my time and money are spent on things that will last far beyond my days on earth. You know...the spot where moths and rust don' get it.

And you know what else I'm finding? There are others in this spot. And there is more room here. A lot more.

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  1. soo glad that we're in this together. It is weird, isn't it? But in a good way... a very good way.