Monday, August 16, 2010


(JS) We've been humbled at the blessing of our last post for a couple of days. But I was struck at the comment my wife made to me the other day when the woman who does her hair told her that her haircut was no charge. It was her way of donating to the adoption. This was apparently the second time she has done that. KT insisted that she pay, but she kindly refused...again.

Call me crazy, but I was blown away at her gift. Okay, so you're asking what does a hair cut cost these days? Maybe forty or fifty bucks? That's like a drop in the bucket compared to the insane fees related to international adoption.

What I love about this journey that we're on is that each person is giving what they are able to. It may be a hair cut, it may be something much bigger. But each time I hear about someone who is giving to this "God-thing", I well up with emotion because they are ALL giving to something that is deep at the core of what Jesus cares so deeply for.

Any gift...small, medium or large is not measured by dollar signs. It is measured by the size of the heart that gives it.

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