Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"i forgot"

(JS) Something really struck me today. I don’t know about the rest of the parents out there, but these two words get used pretty frequently by my kids. For example;
Me: Hey JB, could you please go clean your bedroom?
JB: Sure dad.

(15 minutes pass…)

Me: JB, did you clean your bedroom yet?
JB: Oh sorry dad, I forgot…
This is the typical response for nearly all requests KT and I make with the kids. Is it because they don’t want to? Possibly. But the more likely scenario is that they get distracted. The toy they are playing with is more fun than the task we’ve asked them to complete. The video game is more engaging than the task…you name it.  Virtually ANYTHING is better than the task.

Last week we shared a short documentary on a small village outside the capital city of Addis in Ethiopia (see below). I was moved to tears. How is it that children in the world today must resort to eating from trash dumps?

Although I couldn’t shake the images for a couple of days after watching, I eventually got back into my routine and forgot about it.

It hit me that it’s so easy for us to forget about these circumstances. It’s hard to look at. We often avoid it because it would take too much work to do something about it. What impact could I have on any of that? The problem is so big…

All of these thoughts have run through my head as well. But this is the task of the church. This is our work.

When our kids get frustrated at the task of cleaning their room, I tell them that you start by picking up one toy at a time.

I believe that is what God is calling His church to do. To love…one step at a time.

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