Monday, September 13, 2010

feeling weak...and strong.

(JS) As KS has mentioned, it's been a bit of a roller coaster with the certification process in Ohio. I honestly did not realize that we had been waiting for 11+ weeks for this step until a week or so ago. But we're getting closer!

It's been somewhat easy for me to wake up, kiss the fam, and head off to work, and not really be connected to "the process" of adopting a child internationally. But although I may not be connected to the "paper-chase", as they call it in adoption circles, I could not be more connected to what ultimately is breaking the heart of Christ.

I'd be lying if I didn't say there have been moments where I have felt ill-equipped to finish this race. Do I have what it takes to parent this child? Do I have enough grace to handle the looks/comments we will get? Sometimes I struggle with the answers. Lately I've been empowered by the words/lyrics in one specific Hillsong tune. I am reminded that He is stronger...sin is broken...and He has saved me. And that is all the reassurance I need.

Side note: Dude. Hillsong are my peeps. I was IM'ing a friend of mine, and sent him this link.  I asked him..."Bro, please tell me it will be like this on the other side." To which he responded. "Nope, it will be better."

Serious goose bumps followed...I invite you to please take a moment, watch this, and realize that regardless of your circumstance...He IS stronger.

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