Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the land between...

(JS) Waiting...and waiting...and waiting. And waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

Have you ever waited for something? I'm not talking about your meal to be brought to you at your favorite restaurant. I mean something you've really had to wait for. Something you've wanted really badly.

I was putting JB to bed last night, and as I was sitting on his bed, he asked me,
JB - "Hey Dad, when are you going to...ya know...make a Christmas list?"
me - "Good question, why do you ask?" (already knowing the answer)
JB - "Well I've marked down all the Lego sets I want for Christmas, and I wanted to let you know."
This exchange does not do justice to the extent to which JB loves Legos. Actually, I had to stop him mid-sentence at least 3 times for leaving the room, as he could have talked for the next couple of hours about the different Star Wars characters they've made, which ones he wants, has, and so on, and so on...

Now that our hearts have been broken to the plight of a little child/children in Ethiopia, we want nothing more than to bring our child(ren) home. That is what we are waiting for.

I had the opportunity to attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit, a couple of months ago. Jeff Manion was one of the speakers and spoke about his book called "The Land Between" (see promo clip below).

In it he speaks about the numerous "learning opportunities" that occurred as Moses was leading His people to the Promised Land. I think I can speak for both KT and myself, that we are both learning how to be still and "wait" on the Lord. The harder part is trying to seek and understand the lesson He has for us here.

Are you in a "land between"? What are you learning?


  1. That's crazy - Pastor Jeff is our pastor (Ada Bible Church)! We've heard him speak about The Land Between after our son was home, and it really brought back memories of our long wait for him to come home. I wish that I would have heard it before we started our adoption, as I probably would have handled our wait with a little more grace!

  2. I'm there - in a land between - and it's a very lonely place. There isn't anybody else here with me in this waiting for a baby (except for my husband, and he's out of the room half of the time at the water cooler because his time table isn't as urgent as mine <>). I'm learning that God's timing is sovereign - that waiting isn't as simple as waiting, and it doesn't mean God is withholding. I'm also learning that at every corner, there are lessons God wants to teach us, even in the hardest heart moments. I'm also learning to see all that he HAS given us, to be thankful for these blessings, to not ignore them, and in the asking for the desires of my heart to not forget these very blessings that mark my current days with joy. And, I'm learning to pray with thanksgiving - thanking him in advance for the sustenance, the "manna", he is going to provide for my soul while I'm waiting.

    I'm also eating a lot of cookies in my waiting room. :)

    Good post, Jeff!

  3. wow, Mary. Great comments. Thinking of you, as I have been there... many times! Hugs and lots of prayers. Eat one of those cookies for me, or better yet, come on over and we can eat them together!!