Thursday, September 16, 2010

on it's way!

(KS) As many of you know from my updates to Twitter and Facebook, and Jeff's latest blog update, our Ohio background clearance FINALLY came through!!

This is an amazing answer to soo many prayers. Without God intervening in this situation, we were on track to continue waiting upwards of 3 more months! Thanks to our amazing social worker, who met me halfway with our completed home study, Jeff and I stayed up until midnight pouring over our paperwork, checking it all once and then twice. We are thrilled to be in this place now, moving to the next big hurdle... the I600-A.

Well... it's official. Our I600-A is on it's way to USCIS for our federal approval!!

to say that our kids are a little bit excited, would be an understatement!

Thanks for all of the prayers that you've lifted up for us... please don't stop! Join with us in praying for our little child/ children halfway around the world, who could very easily be born by now. Pray for their protection, and for God's peace. Pray that He would begin to prepare them for us, and prepare us for them.

I'd say it's time for some celebration!


  1. Time to break out the TEJ!! Ever have Ethiopian honey wine?? To. Die. For. We're celebrating with you guys!! Your kids are the CUTEST!

  2. haha! I've never heard of it, but I'm sure that Jeff will get right on getting some!!