Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we will finish...

(JS) KS and I are thrilled to share with you all that the State of Ohio completed our clearances! It's another hurdle cleared in a long and arduous race to bring home our baby (or babies).

There was an immediate sigh of relief that we both had, but then, as with any race, we picked our heads up and are continuing to forge forward in jumping the next hurdles in our way.

Although "running a race" is a much used metaphor, I can't help but think back to the 1992 Olympic games when Derek Redmond injured himself during the Men's 400m.  He paused, defeated on the track. But then he got up and began to move forward toward the finish line. And then his dad helped him to the end.

You all have been in the stands cheering...and our Father has been by our side, helping us to the finish line.

On a side note...I love the scene at the 1:44 mark when Derek's dad shoves away the individual who wants them to stop. Our Father is...the fierce protector.

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