Friday, October 29, 2010

stream of consciousness...

(KS) So it's midnight, and I can't sleep.

I have a swirling of emotions flowing through my body tonight. I've been sitting at the computer for over an hour editing photos, reading blog posts etc. trying to come to grips with all of the thoughts in my head and on my heart.

First of all, I'm super excited to announce that 3 of our cyber friends (Jody, Tami and Megan and their respective husbands), that we've met through our adoption journey, received their I171H forms this week!! This is super exciting news and we are thrilled for them. WOOHOO!

This is THE form that we are waiting for as well, and it is the last and final piece of paper that we need in order to send our dossier to Ethiopia.

We are all hoping that maybe God allowed us to meet through our Yahoo group because we'd eventually be traveling together to bring our babies home. Oh, that would so amazing! This journey has been so much sweeter having friends who are walking this journey with us, who understand the ups and downs and are right there to send words of encouragement, or offer up a prayer whenever we need it. Thanks girls!

One of the posts that I read tonight was on my good friend Jody's blog, where she posted a couple of emails from some families that are in Addis right now, at the 2 orphanages that our agency works with.
Our baby/ babies will most likely be coming from 1 of these 2 orphanages.

My heart is breaking into shards as I try to process what I read on her blog about the conditions of the orphanages and lack of supplies. I learned that there are NO diapers for the babies. None. They are wrapped with a piece of torn sheet or cloth, and then are clothed with a onesie to hold it in place. The babies are wet/soiled and don't have the means to be changed on a frequent basis. There are no mattresses on many of the cribs. Just a wooden board.

As I read these words with tears streaming down my face I was thinking back to earlier today when I was awaking from a nap (yes, I still nap... try having 4 kids!) to the sound of Lincoln crying.

I went in and got him out of his crib, brought him to bed with me where he laid on my chest all nice and toasty warm. He snuggled up with me under the covers and we rested for a few more minutes. He would look up at me every couple of minutes to give me his killer grin, then lay back down on my chest.

The thought that keeps coming to my mind is, who is holding my baby in Ethiopia tonight? Is he getting a goodnight kiss from a kindhearted person? Does he/she have a soft blanket to keep him warm? Is he dry as he falls asleep? Is his belly full? How can he sleep comfortably on a wooden board? Will someone comfort him when he cries? How long will it be before I can hold him in my arms and comfort him as I do all of my children?

I don't take for granted the ability to love on my kids when I read something like those words that I read from Jody's blog. It makes me hug them a bit tighter. I want to listen to them a bit more. I want to look into their eyes, and let them know how much I love them.

It's amazing that Jeff and I already have such a huge place in our hearts for a baby that we haven't even laid eyes on.

Even though we already have 4 amazing kids, they're still so much room for more to love. That's just the way that God designed us.

I have to trust that Jesus is holding our little one and caring for him until we get there to bring him home.

We're getting closer. I'm amazed by God's faithfulness to get us there. I'm hopeful and eager that it's going to be soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

be here.

So now that we've been inked (fingerprinted at the USCIS) and are awaiting the next and final piece of documentation before we can complete our paperwork, we are playing the ever-popular "waiting game". A good friend of mine pointed me to a video that was part of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit that I had totally forgotten about. It was done by a guy I follow on Twitter, Blaine Hogan. Who just so happens to be the Creative Director at Willow Creek.

For all of those who are playing the waiting game with us, I trust you will take away the same thing I did. Two simple words...

"Be still."

BE HERE NOW from blaine hogan on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

nothing special.

(JS) For the last few years I’ve been contemplating writing a book. And that is saying something. I don’t like reading, and I like writing worse than I do reading.

So the title? “I’m nothing special.”

Now before you go throwing a pity party, I’m completely and utterly serious.

I’m not.

Want to know something else? I firmly believe that the disciples didn’t feel special either. They were just ordinary guys. Doing what they do every day. Trying to earn a buck. Pay the rent.

Family and friends have said they are proud of me. I’m entirely gracious and thankful for the sentiment, but, I’ve been trying to understand why. I’m the same guy. Trying to earn a buck. Pay the rent. And I’m clearly no disciple.

But you know what I’m learning? It’s what Jesus has done in me that makes HIM amazing. Not me.

So now I guess I don’t need to write that book after all.

Well, maybe this post is the Cliff’s Notes version…

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the blessing of family

As we patiently await our fingerprinting appointment, we are enjoying autumn with our sweet family.

This is how we roll in the Seevers home. This is what we do on Friday nights.

More and more I awake in the night thinking of our sweet baby/babies on the other side of the world. I wonder what they look like... if they are warm... if they are well fed... is someone giving them the hugs that they need. The Lord gives me a sweet peace reassuring me that He is caring for their every need... comforting them, until we can get there to them, and bring them home. This is what gets me through... along with our amazing kids and their incredible smiles and hugs.

We are so thankful for the blessing of family.

What do YOU do on Friday nights?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

how He loves...

(JS) Rough day? Struggling? Feeling alone?

Just stop...and listen. 

Sung by: Jared Anderson 

Thanks to {thinketernity} for the link. The article that accompanied it was really good as well.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

stream of consciousness...

(KS) In case you didn't know, we are in the midst of 2 fundraisers for our adoption (just love coffee, and our amazing t-shirts designed by Jeff) to help offset the GINORMOUS cost. Okay, so I know ginormous probably isn't a word, but I used it for emphasis. Also, as I mentioned before, at the end of this month, my friend is having a "tea" fundraiser for me. I'm already praying that God will prompt the people that He wants to be there, to come. Please be praying along with us for these fundraisers to bring in the money we will need to travel, hopefully next Spring/Summer!

Yes, you read that right, we have only 1 more piece of paperwork needed before we are DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia). Once we are DTE, which should be happening within the next month or so, we only have a 4-6 month wait before we receive our referral, which will include a picture of our sweet babe/babies. YIPPEEEE! I mean, you've gotta jump a little with the thought of that!

That means would could potentially be RR (referral received) in March/April and traveling sometime during the summer. Another big prayer request is that Ethiopia closes their courts for 2 months during the rainy season. We'd LOVE to be home with our babes before that happens. Please be praying along with us for that.

Yesterday, I organized all of our dossier docs, going over them once, then twice. Placing them in their proper order so that once we receive our I171, I can head to Fed Ex and get this very special package on it's way to AWAA (our agency).

I am super eager and thrilled to be on this journey that The Lord has Jeff and I and our kids on. He truly is "breaking our hearts for the things that break His."

Thanks for walking this journey with us, whether by lifting us up in prayer, buying some amazing coffee, or very hip t-shirts, as well as the many who have given all kinds of donations, thank you. We couldn't be doing this without you.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

isaiah's story...

I can't add words to this amazing story from the Together for Adoption conference.

This comes to mind. 1 Peter 1:3

Isaiah's Story from 31Films on Vimeo.

Monday, October 4, 2010

“curse the day I began to hope…”

(JS) I hope these words caught your attention the same way they caught mine.

The Together for Adoption (on Twitter at @t4acon), was this past weekend. It would have been great to attend. Work and finances kept us away. However there was a photo slide show that was developed that had a crazy incredible song accompanying it.

I’ll get to the song in a moment.

I want you all to travel back to high school. Okay, I know that just because I mentioned high school, some of you will click off this post. It hurts too much to go back there. Me too. I know. I’m not sure what high-school was like for you, but it was a rough place for me. This may be difficult for a lot of you to learn, because I'm so hip and happenin' now, but I was not the most popular kid in school.

I wasn’t a jock, nerd, geek, prep, or other. I didn’t really fit into any category. Trust me, I tried. Oh I had friends, don't get me wrong. But I didn’t have a place where I felt like I “belonged”.

So the song I heard was called Belong by Chris Rice, and there is a part of the song that says…
I claw the dust and beg the end
Curse the day that I began
to hope there’d be a place where I belong
As we move along this journey of adoption, my heart is continually moved at the sight of orphans. No home. No mother, no father…nothing. Do they have any sense of belonging? Do they understand that they are valued? For me, it wasn’t until our heavenly Father reached out to me and invited me into His family that I felt I truly belonged.

Words can’t begin to describe the joy I will have in telling our little one(s) that they belong.

Chris Rice Belong – Lyrics 
Fading memories ignored
I crawl across the forest floor
Pool reflects an orphan child
Dirty, lost, alone and wild
Fatherless and nameless still
Fallen heart and broken, will
there ever be a place where I belong
I cower ‘neath the monster trees
And try to stand on tired feet
But gravity knocks me to the ground
Where I give up, and tears roll down
I claw the dust and beg the end
Curse the day that I began
to hope there’d be a place where I belong
I hear a sound I recognize
You lift my chin and seek my eyes
Song of love You sing to me
I ache to sing it back to Thee
"Father Love prepares a place
Brother Jesus leads the way
Follow to the place where you belong!"
How did I miss this wondrous song?
The forest sang it all along
"River rinses all your shame
Father offers you His name
Father Love prepares a home
Brother Jesus leads you on
Follow to the place where you belong!"
"Father Love prepares a place
Brother Jesus leads the way
Follow to the place where you belong
Follow to the place where you belong!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

adoption gear is finally here!!

Here we are sporting our brand, spanking new adoption t-shirts, designed by my hubby. You can order them here (or with the link on the right). All proceeds will go to help with our adoption costs. Not only will you get an amazingly awesome t-shirt, but you'll be helping to bring our baby home.

Pre-order your shirts today! 

There are 2 incredible designs to choose from.