Wednesday, October 20, 2010

nothing special.

(JS) For the last few years I’ve been contemplating writing a book. And that is saying something. I don’t like reading, and I like writing worse than I do reading.

So the title? “I’m nothing special.”

Now before you go throwing a pity party, I’m completely and utterly serious.

I’m not.

Want to know something else? I firmly believe that the disciples didn’t feel special either. They were just ordinary guys. Doing what they do every day. Trying to earn a buck. Pay the rent.

Family and friends have said they are proud of me. I’m entirely gracious and thankful for the sentiment, but, I’ve been trying to understand why. I’m the same guy. Trying to earn a buck. Pay the rent. And I’m clearly no disciple.

But you know what I’m learning? It’s what Jesus has done in me that makes HIM amazing. Not me.

So now I guess I don’t need to write that book after all.

Well, maybe this post is the Cliff’s Notes version…

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  1. hey katie- thanks for the note on my blog. i would like to encourage you that once we actually gor our fingerprinting done uscis got our i-171h pretty quickly to us. it only took them a week to approve it and then we got it a few days after that. hopefully yours will be just as fast if not faster. who knows, you may get yours before we get ours back :) perhaps god is aligning several of us families to all be dte or get referrals or travel at the same time. only time will reveal his plan. thanks again for the encouragement :)