Saturday, October 9, 2010

stream of consciousness...

(KS) In case you didn't know, we are in the midst of 2 fundraisers for our adoption (just love coffee, and our amazing t-shirts designed by Jeff) to help offset the GINORMOUS cost. Okay, so I know ginormous probably isn't a word, but I used it for emphasis. Also, as I mentioned before, at the end of this month, my friend is having a "tea" fundraiser for me. I'm already praying that God will prompt the people that He wants to be there, to come. Please be praying along with us for these fundraisers to bring in the money we will need to travel, hopefully next Spring/Summer!

Yes, you read that right, we have only 1 more piece of paperwork needed before we are DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia). Once we are DTE, which should be happening within the next month or so, we only have a 4-6 month wait before we receive our referral, which will include a picture of our sweet babe/babies. YIPPEEEE! I mean, you've gotta jump a little with the thought of that!

That means would could potentially be RR (referral received) in March/April and traveling sometime during the summer. Another big prayer request is that Ethiopia closes their courts for 2 months during the rainy season. We'd LOVE to be home with our babes before that happens. Please be praying along with us for that.

Yesterday, I organized all of our dossier docs, going over them once, then twice. Placing them in their proper order so that once we receive our I171, I can head to Fed Ex and get this very special package on it's way to AWAA (our agency).

I am super eager and thrilled to be on this journey that The Lord has Jeff and I and our kids on. He truly is "breaking our hearts for the things that break His."

Thanks for walking this journey with us, whether by lifting us up in prayer, buying some amazing coffee, or very hip t-shirts, as well as the many who have given all kinds of donations, thank you. We couldn't be doing this without you.


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  1. just wanting to send you an encouraging word. you don't have too much longer before your fingerprinting and then i bet you get your i-171h within another 2 weeks. prayers for your fundraisers, hoping you have enough money to send in your dossier :)