Thursday, November 4, 2010

orphan sunday & national adoption month...

I'll be honest and say that I had never heard of "Orphan Sunday" or "National Adoption Month", until we started our own journey of adoption. I'll also start by saying that I believe these are awesome initiatives, and that awareness is a critical step in making any significant effort in finding homes for the millions of children across the globe who are orphans.

Please forgive the triteness of this next statement, but the phrases themselves, don't conjure up images that are truly reflective of the issues that lie at the core of these initiatives. Nothing about these efforts bring a smile to my face. They bring tears.

These are life and death issues people. Children are dying. Others that do survive orphanages are often forced to leave and end up being trafficked for sex. (Please support these organizations that are doing something about it...A21 and Hopechest)

I shutter at the thought that these very words have escaped my lips...
"Man, I had such a hard day."
"Holy cow, I'm starving.
These words hold different meanings to me now.

My days will never be so hard that they compare to the young girls who are forced into having sex just to survive. And starvation? It is real. And real people are dying because of it. My stomach will never be so empty that I will feel real starvation.

Whether or not you or your church is observing "Orphan Sunday", or "National Adoption Month", please reflect on these very real issues. And please, answer the following question.

If no one stands in the gap for these children. Who will?

Our friends Chris and Jennifer Verme (who are also on the journey to adopt) wrote an incredible blog post that I pulled this video from. Please watch this and consider the question above.

"It Began with Bale" from Drawn From Water on Vimeo.

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  1. Well said Jeff! We are so excited to be on this journey with you. We will make a difference one orphan at a time :)
    Jenn Verme