Friday, December 3, 2010

dare you... watch/listen to this.

Thank you to Chris & Jennifer Verme for sharing.


  1. No words. Only tears.
    I used to pray that God would break my heart for the things that broke His. And that i would love what He loved and hate what He hated. I have a new prayer now ~ that He'll change me into a person who FEELS what He feels.

    THANK YOU for sharing this!

  2. Dear my four words, each time I read a post or watch a video clip or hear a song or see a fundraiser or somehow am effected by your blog, I walk away from the computer thinking to myself, 'This feels like church' And today was no different, of course, I grew up thinking church was routine and only happened on Sundays, then slowly moved away from that and thought church is more like life and ministry and meeting the needs of people and so forth, but today, I want to tell you that 'my four words' is changing the way I view church, and thank you for inviting me