Sunday, January 2, 2011

a new beginning

So I had every intention of posting this next post on New Year's Eve, but clearly THAT didn't happen.

I know that we've been absent for over a week from blogging. It's not that we haven't wanted to, it's just that we've been super busy with lots of family in town. Which of course included lots of Christmas celebrations, awesome food, and great conversation. Please excuse our delay and excuse the fact that this may seem like old news since I wrote it 3 days ago:)

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that it's New Year's Eve 2010. Where did this year go? Our kids are all a little bit older, a little bit taller and hopefully a little bit wiser.

In looking back at 2010, I can definitely say it's been a year of great change for us. Our adoption journey really began in January of 2010 as Haiti was devastated by a horrific earthquake. That was the event that really pushed us into action to start on this amazing adoption journey. After taking a few months to look at the financial aspects, as well as dutifully  researching all kinds of different agencies, we finally landed on our awesome agency, America World (It wouldn't be right if I didn't put a little plug in for them).

I have been amazed at God's incredible faithfulness to us through this whole process. The financial aspect alone looked almost insurmountable, yet we have had the funds that we need at each designated time that it was needed.

We were able to send our dossier to Ethiopia on November 19th, a day that will live in infamy... at least for us! Now we wait...

We've been told that our wait could be anywhere from 4-6 months, at which point we'll receive a picture of our little baby/babies.

But then we will wait again for our court date (a couple of months). We'll then travel to ET, meet our little one/ones and pass court.

Then it will be another wait... we have to leave our child/children there! ( I can't imagine how hard this will be), come home for another period of time (a couple of months), travel back to pick them up and FINALLY come home to our family.

 I've heard from soo many other adopting mamas how very difficult this road of adoption can be. In fact it's been said, "Adoption is not for the faint of heart". And yet, God never said that life would be easy. The truth is that if it WAS easy, I'd probably not learn anything along the road.

I'm so thankful that The Lord placed this great longing on our hearts to step out of our comfortable American lives, and do something to "help the least of the these".

We are eager to ring in 2011 as we continue to plan and prepare to bring more kiddos into our family. To say that we are excited would be such an understatement. God is doing some amazing things in Jeff and I, and I'm soo thrilled to be a part of it.

Tonight before the "ball drops" in New York City at midnight, we will sit down with our kids and have them write out their goals (both personal and spiritual) for this next year, as is tradition in our family. We also have the kids write out what they think they'll be doing in 10 years. It's soo fun to save these and pull them out 10 years later to see what funny things they wrote. I know this first hand, as we did this as kids in my family growing up.

After the kids are in bed, Jeff and I will sit down and write our goals, both personal and more importantly our spiritual goals for the year. I'm amazed at how our shift has really changed from more selfish endeavors and dreams to more eternal goals.

I think I really am beginning to understand the verse found in Matthew 6:20-21
20 Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars.21 It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.
Of course, we have a long road ahead of us,  but I'm trusting in my Savior who put this desire in our hearts. I know that He does have great plans for us!

May you and yours have a healthy and happy New Year!

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! I love the idea of having the kids write down their goals and where they think they will be in 10 years! What a fun tradition! We may have to copy that one from you! {smile}

    YES! God has wonderful things in store for you and your family in 2011! I cannot wait to watch it all unfold! May you have a blessed year!