Friday, February 18, 2011

one blessed mama!

yesterday was my birthday. I am now 30 years old. ahem. I mean I'm 30 again.

I have THE best husband in the world. I'm sure that I've mentioned this before, but seriously, he is. I love how he and our kids did very meaningful gifts this year, as we are scrimping and saving to bring our baby home from Africa. Even in spite of this, I didn't in the slightest feel that I was lacking on my birthday.

It started out with flowers and cards...

from Jonah

from Claire

from Maddie

In case you can't see the front of Maddie's card, let me read it for you... The Mom Book by Maddie Seevers. Now the kicker was what this "book" said. Each page had a drawn picture of she and I corresponding to the words. It said, " You feed me as a baby, you helped me learn to walk, you took me to school, you were at all of my birthdays, you were there with me when I got my braces, you love me. Dear Mom, I am so happy that you are my mom. Happy Birthday! I love you! Love Maddie.

Let's just say I was pretty much a bucket of tears.

...and it didn't stop there. Jeff made me a large sign that said I'm a fantastic mom, but in Ahmaric (the language spoken in our baby's birth country). How cool is that??!!

...and thanks to a birthday gift from a family member, we were able to go out to a favorite restaurant... on a date... without kids. Such a treat.

Today is our son, Lincoln's 2nd birthday. Yep. He was born the day after my birthday. He IS the best birthday gift ever!

We celebrated this morning with our annual breakfast-in-bed routine...

let's just say Elmo's a favorite!

Celebrating life is such a beautiful thing! I feel so blessed to have such an awesome family to celebrate! I'm hopeful that our baby will be home with us soon, and that we'll be able to start celebrating him/ her as well.


  1. awww.....not that was too sweet! i love, love, love homemade birthday cards. totally blown away by your hubby's thoughtful birthday wish in amharic! sweet.

  2. Amazing! Looks like a great day followed by another great day! Happy Birthday:)