Sunday, February 6, 2011

stalling no more.

I know that I put out a small teaser on facebook regarding our next fundraiser. I also realize that I've been stalling to fill you all in on the details. Why? Because I'm a bit terrified about it.

You're probably dying to know what exactly this fundraiser is that's got me tied in knots, right?

I realize why I've been stalling... If I don't put it out there, then I don't really have to do it. I can just take the "let's wait and see" approach.

Well, no longer. It's happening. I'm doing it.

We have an annual half marathon here in Toledo, The Glass City Half Marathon, in April. And well... ahem... I've agreed to run it and use it as a fundraiser to collect donations from sponsors so that we can collect the much needed funding to bring our sweet baby home from Ethiopia.

For those of you that haven't known me long, I have to explain. I actually did run a half (3.5 years ago) and it was AWESOME! I trained well. I was in great shape. It was a great run! I have however had another baby since then... and well, I'm 3.5 years older. ha! Let's just say... ahem, I'm not as fit as I was then. It's not as easy to bounce back from baby #4, as it was with #1,2 and 3.

I'm probably making excuses.... keeping the expectations low, so that if I don't do well, or am not able to finish (God forbid), I have an out. Nice technique, I know. Not very courageous.

All that being said, I would run 100 races if it meant bringing my baby home. So it begins... the long and painful journey of training.

In case you don't know how far a half marathon is, let me enlighten you... It's 13.1 miles. Yes, you read that right... 13.1! and don't you dare leave off that .1 mile. That's the hardest portion of the race.

Before Christmas, I was actually running 7 miles a few days a week, and then doing some cross training on the opposite days. Pretty good, I thought. sigh. Then the holidays hit. Lots of yummy food. Not as much time to workout, and train. double sigh. I was back to running 3.5. sigh.

In January, I was back up to 6 miles. Yeah. Then another week trip to my sister's. sigh. A whole week without running. It's like starting from square one all over again.

So here I am. It's February 6th. The race is April 17th. That gives me exactly 10 weeks of training. I can do this. And you, my blog readers will help to spur me on... because I know that you'll be watching to see if I follow through with this.

I'm sure that you're wondering if you can help... you CAN help me with this crazy fundraiser. First off, please pray for me as I train. Pray for strength and determination to do this. Also pray that we are able to get some great sponsors for this event. You will have an opportunity to sponsor me, as well, as soon as I get those details ironed out! I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks for letting me talk this through. It's going to be great! Whatever it takes to bring our baby home.

Gotta go check out some training options...


  1. Katie ~ HOW EXCITING!!!! i have no doubt that you can do this. Everytime you don't feel like going out for a training run... think of your little one! For every mile you don't think you can make it through - think of her. i KNOW you can do this!! If you ever want to talk 'running' I'm your girl! I'm such a dork when it comes to races and could talk/email about it all day. HA HA HA!!! You were up to 6 and 7 miles, that's great. 10 weeks will be plenty of time for you to train, especially since you have a solid 5 miles under your belt! Let me know which training program you plan on following... like i said, I'm a dork when it comes to this sort of thing. We'll be cheering you on from a distance!! And maybe IN PERSON in April!? :-) Keep us posted on how we can support you in this.

    Love Ya!

  2. you are inspirational, amazing, and heroic. truly.