Wednesday, April 13, 2011

running the race.

stream of conciousness:
I'm running a half marathon. In 5 short days. I'm doing it as a fundraiser for our adoption. I'll be thinking of our babies as I run. I haven't run a half in almost 4 years. And that was before baby #4. I've trained hard. I've run probably hundreds of miles. Yes. It's safe to say I've run hundreds. Yet, I'm still nervous. I'm still praying for a miracle to get our referral call before race day. What a blessing THAT would be to have a pic of the kids that I'm running for. I trust God. He is Sovereign. I want His will for our family. And for our kids that we'll be adopting. I'm eager. I'm hopeful.

So, you're probably wondering what's up with the red laces... yes, those ARE my running shoes. Looks like a need a new pair. But, I have some super hip red laces thanks to my good friend, Jackie Gomez (fellow adoptive mom that I've become very close to during this adoptive process). The proceeds from the laces go to fight AIDS in Africa. LOVE this. I'll be wearing my red laces with pride!

I'm running a half marathon on Sunday. Did I mention that? I'm repeating myself. Nervous habit. Would soo appreciate your prayers.


  1. LOVING the laces!!! You are going to be amazing out there on Sunday!! I'll be cheering you on from Chicago!!!

  2. WoooHooo! You go girl! You got this! Cheering you on, and expecting the miracle. Eph 3:20. Love the laces!

  3. We are PRAYING Katie. For your run, for your family, and for your referral! Go get em Tiger!