Sunday, April 17, 2011

to the finish...

I woke up at 5am. I was dressed and ready to go with a piece of toast and banana in hand. Hat? check. Mittens? check. Coat? check. Race number? check. Ipod? check. Opps. Ipod was almost dead. Quickly charged it for 10 minutes. Ipod recharged? check.
Jeff, my awesome husband, was the chaperon as we picked up my running buddies/ good friends, and we were off. Today at approximately 7:03, I crossed over the starting line of the Glass City Half Marathon.

Kim, myself and Heather preparing for the race.

It was cold. Whom I kidding? It was freezing. It was REALLY windy. Did I mention is was cold?
But I knew once we got going we'd warm up. There were 5,000 runners at this race. It was exhilarating. I was sooo pumped to be running this race for our kids that we'll be adopting from Ethiopia. I had Jeff mark up my arm, so that I wouldn't forget.

The first 8 miles went really fast. I had to make a quick pit stop, and my girlfriend, Kim, and I had decided that we were going to run it together until the end. We stopped, I set down my ipod... um. ahem, Jeff's ipod, on the shelf in the port-a-potty, forgot about it, and took off. We had gotten about 1/10 of a mile down the road before I realized it was missing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I HAD to go back. I sent Kim on her way and then proceeded to turn around and run into the mass of human beings running toward me. I heard one girl yell out, "Is that girl done with the race already??" um. no.

I was praying like crazy that The Lord would hold on to that ipod, and not let anyone take it.You see, this is the 3rd ipod that I've had... my 1st one, I ran through the washing machine. It was in my pocket after a run, and I forgot about it. sigh. Then I borrowed my daughter's ipod... and again it was in the pocket of my jacket after a run, and I ran it through the washing machine AGAIN. blah. I could not, would not, leave Jeff's ipod in the port-a-potty... even if it meant running the extra 2 tenths of a mile, to be exact. AND risk someone swiping it. THANKFULLY, it was there... right where I left it. whew! I was thanking Jesus for His goodness as I turned back around and headed the right direction to the finish line.

Now running solo, I knew that I was getting closer to the end... At mile 12, just when I needed it THE MOST, my family was on the sidelines jumping, shouting, clapping and cheering for me. I started sobbing. Jeff, all of our kids, My sis, Candice, and her hubby and kids, and my dad were there. I was overcome by emotion. Just knowing what I was running for... our babies in Ethiopia, was enough to put me over the edge. It WAS AWESOME.

As I got close to the Glass Bowl, I could hear the announcer calling out people's names as they crossed the finish line. I knew I was soo close. The end was near. I pushed really hard those last couple of miles, trying to make up for the lost time spent on the crazy ipod. Note to self: get an ipod holder.

It's hard to believe that it's over. All of the training. The sore muscles. The blisters. The sweat. I am soo happy that I have had the opportunity to run this race in honor of our kids that will be home with us soon... I'm hopeful for the things to come. I'm excited to see what The Lord has for our future. I'm eager. I'm glad that I found the ipod... and, I'm going to go take a nap now.


  1. YAY! I am so excited for you. You did an awesome job! You ran a half marathon...and then some;) So happy you were able to run for your babies in ET. That is an awesome sacrifice and a great way to raise money to bring them home. We are praying for you guys daily and for your kids waiting in ET! YAY, Katie! Awesome job!

  2. This is so awesome! Congratulations on running the race! My husband and I ran a half marathon 2 years ago with World Vision to raise money/awareness for AIDS orphans in Africa. It was amazing!
    You go girl!