Monday, May 23, 2011

good friends and piano recitals...

This past weekend we visited some dear friends in Ashland, Ohio. Our friends, Nate and Jenn Shultz have been with us through thick and thin...

We've been friends for many years... about 16 to be exact. They're the kind of friends that you're able to pick up right where you left off... you know the kind. We've been soo blessed to have them in our lives. Throughout this adoption journey, they've been soo supportive and we are very blessed by their encouragement.

We spent the day laughing, talking and of course, eating some delicious food! We went to a nearby park so that the kids could play a little tennis, as well as go crazy on some playground equipment.

These kind of gatherings are good for the soul... it fills us up. Reenergizes us. Not to mention, we were able to show pictures of our kiddos that are waiting for us in Ethiopia, and talk about the next step in bringing them home. What IS the next step? I'll get to that in a minute.

We also had the kids' piano recitals this weekend, which kept us very busy!

So, the next step is that we wait for our little guy's paperwork to be compiled. They said it could be a few months. sigh. We are praying that they are wrong. We're asking for all of you to pray with us. Many of you know that in Ethiopia, they shut down the courts in August, thru September due to the rainy season, and the lack of transportation capability. We would REALLY like to be there for our court date before this happens... if they are not able to give us a court date before August, we will have to wait until October/November. Please be praying with us for this miracle! Of course, we definitely want to do this in God's timing... but we'd also like our will and timing to be in line with God's. We're not asking too much, are we?

Thanks for standing in the gap and praying with us! We CANNOT wait to show you their sweet faces so that you can be in awe of God's faithfulness as much as we are;)

As we wait, we're soo thankful for the friends like the Shultzes that the Lord has placed in our lives... for such a time as this.

Clinging to God's promises tonight... resting in His peace.

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