Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ethiopia bound

In 25 short days, we'll be on a jet plane flying over land and sea for approximately 18 hours to meet our 2 precious kids! How did that happen, you may ask? I have NO IDEA! Actually, I do know who has been orchestrating this beautiful symphony, I just didn't realize it would be quite like this. We are beyond thrilled. My head is still swimming.

Here's how it went down: Yesterday June 20th, the phone rang at about 4 pm. I glanced down at the caller id... it was the coveted 703 area code. Heart pounding. "Why is it pounding", I thought. We were expecting to get a call that B******'s paperwork was found, then, we were told, we'd be submitted to court, which could take 2-4 months to get our court date. That would be well into the rainy season. So we assumed, barring a miracle, that we wouldn't go to court until at least October.

Of course, God had a better plan. I answered the phone and it was Kristen, our travel contact. I'm thinking, "why are you calling me, we're not traveling yet". She said that she had good news for us... we were assigned a court date for July 21st! I said, "um. are you sure you called the right family? This is the Seevers' family. We are adopting B***** and M******. Are you sure you're calling the right person?" She laughed and said, "Yes! I AM calling the right family". Seriously? A. Mazing.

Now, the amazing news is that we HAVE a court date! Woohoo! However, we still need all of you to be praying that they are able to locate B*****'s abandonment papers before we go to court on the 21st. If these papers are present, and the MOWYCA letters are present, we will pass court! insert smile. This is what we are believing for... what we are expecting.

If for some reason the papers aren't present, we will not pass court until they have these important papers. Another piece of good news is that although we don't know exactly WHEN court closes, we assume it will be at least at the end of the 1st week in August. There is still plenty of time between now and when court closes for The Lord to allow those papers to be located. We are trusting that He's "got this".

I'm choosing to focus on what I know is TRUE. We are going to ET in 4 weeks to meet our kids. We have a court date on the 21st. We believe that passing court IS going to happen. I'm choosing to keep my eyes focused on Jesus... not focusing on the "what ifs".

I watched a great video a couple years back by a pastor who was talking about this very thing. He reminded me of the numerous times in the Old Testament when God's faithfulness to His people was present... even with enemies all around them.

One event in particular sticks out in my memory as the pastor spoke of the detailed directions to the Israelites as to HOW and WHERE they were to set up camp, with their enemies encroaching all around them. God gave them the exact direction (north, south, east and west) that each tribe must set up camp. Each tribe was to face forward towards the Ark of the Covenant, where the very presence of God resided.

Now by doing this, as they were directed, it actually left their backs exposed to the enemies all around them.

What God was teaching them, is that they didn't need to keep turning around and checking to see if they were safe. They didn't need to keep asking the "what if" questions. God Had Their Backs.

He's Got our Backs now. When the Israelites followed God's directions, they were NEVER attacked by the enemy. Wow. I want to keep my eyes focused on Jesus. I want to not turn back in worry, fear, uncertainty etc. He's Got Our Backs!

And we are THRILLED to be leaving for ET in 4 weeks. I'd better wrap this up so that I can start making lists... booking flights... and thanking my sweet Jesus for answered prayer. We're coming, kids!!!


  1. Love this!! What an amazing answer to prayer. He does have our backs and He loves your children! The only way I could be more excited for you would be if we were going with you!! SO EXCITED!!!
    Jenn Verme

  2. So excited for you guys!!! And we are continuing to pray and believe with you! Can't wait to meet these sweet kids of yours. :)