Thursday, June 2, 2011

they just get it...

Last week we took a road trip...

to Atlanta... to see some sweet friends, The Hoffmans.

like us, they're kind of into this adoption thing;)

A few years ago, they received a referral for a precious little boy. He got sick before they were able to get to him. Because of the lack of nutrition, he didn't make it. It's devastating... and it happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Many of these illnesses are completely preventable with proper nutrition and clean water. As a result of their tragic loss, they started a non profit organization called, Brighton Their World.
Laura and Tymm collect and ship/take infant formula to third world countries, for the babies in the orphanages who soo desperately need it. We are soo grateful for the many friends/ family who contributed to our formula bounty that we were able to hand deliver to the Hoffmans;)

We were soo blessed by our conversation with them. I feel like we met two more "kindred spirits"

Thanks, Tymm, Laura, and Meron for hanging with us for the evening. More importantly, thanks for working so hard to reach the most vulnerable children in our world. So many lives are saved due to your efforts and God's blessings on it.

On a side note: we are THRILLED to celebrate with the Hoffman's for their finally passing court yesterday for their sweet girl that they'll be bringing home soon. God is awesome! 

We were once again humbled by God's blessings of introducing us to such awesome peeps that are living for HIM, and caring for "the least of these" as we are commanded to do... we are honored to call this family "friends"


  1. you guys are awesome. so blessed to be able to hang with ya for that little bit of time... next time we hang out longer!!

  2. Wow that is so cool. I found the Brighton Their World website a few months ago. What a small world. It is an amazing thing they are doing. : ) I am going to post it on our blog- we just gathered enough formula for 617 bottles... it's pretty darn amazing that they've gathered 18000+ bottles!! What an inspiration to all of us!

    Brandy Wade

  3. we met briefly at the Orphan Summit and I was excited to stumble upon your blog today! glad I can follow your journey!