Monday, August 8, 2011


This was written last night right before I went to bed... This morning, we are humbled and pleased beyond words to announce the two newest members of the Seevers family! Bedilu Elijah and Meron Ruth!

Dear Bedilu and Meron,

Tonight is the LAST night that you will sleep as orphans. FOREVER.

In the morning, it will be official that Daddy and I are YOUR parents. Forever.

You will no longer be alone. You will no longer wonder if anyone loves you. You will KNOW that you have a mommy and daddy and 4 siblings that adore you. We love you, unconditionally. Forever.

We have waited for this moment since God first laid it on our hearts to adopt you... that was 20 months ago. We have been pursuing you with our hearts since then. Of course, The Lord knew from the beginning of time that you would be our children. He knew that you would be a part of our family Forever.

You see, even though He never wanted you to be without a family, when you no longer had a biological family, He hand-grafted you into OUR family. The Seevers family. Forever. Our hearts are full. We will love you with our whole hearts. Forever.

We will snuggle you, and read stories to you. We will giggle and play. We will teach you how to play hide and seek and how to count to ten. We'll take you to our favorite places. Show you all of our favorite movies. Share our favorite snacks with you, forever. Most importantly, we will share the love of Jesus with you. We will teach about His Saving Grace, His Faithfulness and His Sovereignty. And how by giving His life for you and me, we can become adopted into HIS family, forever.

Our hearts will never tire of loving you, cuddling you, kissing your cheeks. We will never tire of singing sweet lullabies to you, dancing around the kitchen acting silly, finding out what your favorite colors are, what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, figuring out WITH you what your gifts and talents are... your interests. We will love you forever.

Bedilu, not only do you have 2 older sisters who adore you, but 2 brothers who can't wait to wrestle and with you,  and how to catch fireflies at night. They are eager to share their legos and cars with you, and play with you on our swing set.

Meron, your sisters can't wait to play dolls with you, cuddle with you and put pretty bows in your hair. And your brothers can't wait to read stories to/with  you, kiss your cheek and brag on you to everyone they meet.

To say that you are already loved by us would be a huge understatement. Just as Christ adopted us for life by giving the ultimate sacrifice, His life, to cover our sin, and by doing so grafted us into the family of God, we too have adopted you FOR LIFE.

You are now grafted into our family... FOREVER.


  1. woo hoo!!!! yay!!!!! they are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. God is great!

  3. I just LOVE everything about this! Praising the Lord!!!!

  4. Reading your post made my heart glad and brought tears to my eyes. You wrote what we feel as well. Congratulations!! Hopefully we will be at Embassy together! :) Love, Tracy

  5. I just LOVE this!!! *tears falling* What a wonderful forever family for Bedilu and Meron to have!

  6. Katie and family,
    They are precious!!!! I'm so excited for you guys.

  7. This is so wonderful! Congrats! I love love love the pictures...
    ~Katie Bradley

  8. So beautiful! So happy for you!!
    love, Laura

  9. WOOHOOO!!!!! Y-A-Y GOD!!!! Such a beautiful story and the way He orchestrated the details of bringing you together as FAMILY is amazing! And now, you are a precious and BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! May you have ALL of your precious kiddos under one roof very very soon!!!! <3

  10. I am in tears. They are so beautiful!! Knowing that we met the two of you just days after you received your referral... it's so wonderful to see your family come together forever.

    We are so happy for you all!!