Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hang on!

As I received word from our family coordinator today that we were once again not submitted to Embassy, my heart grew heavy. Very heavy.

Imagine 2 of your own children that you love being half way around the world.  This love that we have for them is FIERCE. It's unconditional.

Right now, when they are sick, we're not there to comfort them. When they scrape their knee, we're not there to kiss away the pain.

We want to cuddle and kiss them. Giggle and be silly. Laugh and play. We want to teach them about Jesus. Read goodnight stories to them. Hold them and Love them forever.

We WERE there. For 7 whole days. We held them. We bonded with them. We love them just as much as we do our other four children. This wait is painful.

I know. this is raw. this is my heart today. heavy and so sad.

But just like the Lord's mercies are new every morning, my sweet daughter, Maddie wrote a note on the board in our homeschooling room, and when I walked in, this is what I read:

Mom and Dad,
I LOVE you guys so much! God is doing amazing things in your lives through this adoption journey. But I know this is the tough part for you guys, but if He brought all 4 of us to you, brought you to Ethiopia and back and if He answered so many prayers already in the past, He can certainly answer this one prayer. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! Keep hoping and praying!!!  Love, Maddie Jane Seevers.

um... ahem. to say that I am humbled and moved to tears by this girl would be an understatement. seriously. 

She is 13. I love her heart. I love that she gets who God is and His unfailing love and faithfulness. I love that she understands what it means to be adopted into HIS family, so she gets why we are adopting Bedilu and Meron into OUR family. For LIFE.

This note was such balm to my weary soul.

And then there was this note from my amazing hubby: 

Don't give up! I just wanted to take a minute to encourage you. You are awesome, babe. I love your passion. I love that you love our kids so deeply. God is going to continue to use you and our story in a mighty way. Keep believing that God is writing our adoption story…and He’s not quite done yet. And what a story that will be. Just picture the party that will be happening in heaven when we pick them up and take them home forever. It will happen. I love you. Hang in there honey. So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up, or quit. 

And then this morning, Lincoln climbed into bed with us. As usual, he started in with his mumbling and chattering away. At one point he said, "Come, Bedilu! Come, Bedilu!" He's soo ready for another brother/playmate. I love it!

I love how The Lord uses people in our lives to minister to our souls...

So we wait in hope for another Wednesday when we will be submitted. Praying, Believing for next Wednesday.

Psalm 130:5
I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

We're coming Bedilu! We're coming Meron! Hang on!



  1. Oh this post made me well up in tears. I was thinking a about you all day yesterday ... stalking your FB for any sign that you indeed were submitted. Praying for whatever detail needs to come into place for that to happen. Standing in that gap with your beautiful 13 year old daughter whose faith far exceeds her biological age. Take the sweet words she wrote and know that indeed, the one who created her, put those words in her for you and your encouragement. He is faithful!

  2. Oh this made me cry in a such a way that I praised the Lord for this wonderful family He has given you! I know this pain. I am waiting with you believing that our babies will be home before we know it! Praying!!

  3. can't stop crying as i read this. um, can you adopt me too, please? i want to be part of this amazing family. it's so beautiful how you encourage each other in your individual journeys and faith. thank you for sharing it with the rest of us! it is such a powerful picture of LOVE (ie, GOD)!

  4. what a beautiful family! saw your post on the awaa facebook group and came over to check out your blog. i am a little bit obsessed with adoption blogs right now. ;) my husband and i have two bio kiddos, ages 13 and 10 and are adopting two children ages 0-5. almost finished with the paperchase...hallelujah!

    praying that you are submitted to embassy and reunited with your precious babies SOON!!!