Sunday, August 28, 2011

the rest of trip 1 to Ethiopia...

 I recently realized that I never got past day 3 of our trip to Ethiopia. With trying to get past the jetlag funk, snuggle with our 4 sweet kiddos at home, process our trip and just plain exhaustion, I never finished. Then came the big announcement that we passed court, and the rest has been a whirlwind. That being said, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share the photos and events that took place on days 3-7 of our trip 1 to meet Bedilu and Meron.

Day 4
We started out our day like all the others at our guesthouse in Addis eating the most amazing food prepared by chef David. Some sort of crepe/pancake with maple syrup on top, fresh squeezed pineapple juice, coffee and fresh fruit. We arrived at the Transition Home with a renewed sense of excitement to see our kids again. Today was the day that we would celebrate both Meron and Bedilu's birthdays... since their birthdays are both in July, we thought it would be fun to have a party and celebrate. Jeff and our dear friend, Yonas picked up a cake at a bakery in Addis called Bilos. It was perfect!

The cake says, Happy Birthday to Bedilu and Meron

Singing to the kids!

All of the kids at the Transition Home sang, in English, the Happy Birthday tune to Meron and Bedilu. It was soo sweet. I'm pretty sure that Bedilu LOVES being the center of attention.

Here is Bedilu blowing out the candle... he had to climb up onto the table to reach it. And I think we had to relight it 3 times, because the wind kept blowing it out!

All of the kids enjoyed the celebration, and I think Bedilu and Meron were wondering why they were the center of attention. It was one of the BEST ideas, and I'm soo glad that it worked out. To say that we enjoyed it would be an understatement.

After our time with the kids, it was off to lunch at Lucy's Restaurant with all of our fellow adoption peeps in country with us.

our friends, the Snyder's with their little girl

our awesome travel coordinators, Yonas and Eyob. Miss you both!

Brandon and Jen Hatmaker. Love them.

Sweet Debb Marquez who I've gotten to know through our journey to our babies!

A new DEAR friend, Anna Dreyfus. Miss you, girl!

 After lunch, we went to the university museum, then back to the TH for dinner, late night chatting and the best part, we sat around with our friends and prayed for our court date... the following morning. It is SOO good to be with people that have the same heart for adoption that we do, but also Love the Lord like we do. God has placed some amazing people in our path and we feel so honored to walk this journey with them.

I'll leave you with these sweet pics of our kiddos... the ones that we're fighting for. The ones that we went before the judge the following morning and told that we want to be there parents forever. 

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