Wednesday, September 7, 2011

quick update and pics

I haven't been very faithful lately to update our blog with the blow by blow details surrounding our adoption. I haven't even finished the last 3 days of our trip to Ethiopia and we've been home for 7 weeks.

Honestly, it's just been so much to process, and it's easier to put a quick blurb on facebook. Yet, I realize that not everyone of our family/friends is on facebook, so you might feel as if you've been left in the dark on the details. I would never want to leave you out of this amazing journey, so I'm going to give you the latest "low down" on our case.

As you all know, we passed court with both our kids on August 8th. Which is a miracle! Not only did we squeak in on the last day that court was open before the rainy season- where they shut down for 6 weeks, but our kids are not biologically related, so we needed 2 separate letters from MOWYCA present in order to pass. Getting one letter was a miracle, but God provided two!

The next step is waiting to be submitted for Embassy. That's US Embassy. Now that we are legally Meron and Bedilu's parents in the eyes of the Ethiopian Government, we need the United States to agree, so that we can bring them into the US.

Meron was submitted last Wednesday. Each agency is only allowed to submit once a week. sigh. Bedilu's paperwork wasn't quite ready last week, but we were told for sure, this week. Well, we got the call this morning that they needed to add one more document and that they were going to make an exception to submit us tomorrow morning, Thursday, because we have 2 kids, and Meron's paperwork has already been there for a week. To say that we are humbled would be an understatement. To say that we are praying like crazy for the Lord to make the path to Embassy clear would also be an understatement. God has been faithful every step of this journey... even if it hasn't been in our timing.

Once the kids paperwork is submitted, Embassy has 10 business days, 2 weeks, to pour over every detail... reading and re reading each document. Checking and rechecking that everything is in order. Before the end of the 10 days, they will either send an email telling us that we are CLEAR to TRAVEL, or an email asking for more documentation. Obviously we are praying against the latter. Our prayer has been that God would go before us, and that those that handle our case would find EVERYTHING in order. That nothing would be out of place or missing.

We expect to hear in the next week that Meron is CLEARED!!! and as soon as Bedilu is submitted tomorrow, we are eagerly awaiting that he too is CLEARED!!.

Would you please pray with us for these details. We are close to finishing this part of the journey. Obviously the real work will begin once we bring our kids home, but we are so eager to begin that phase.

We've spent the last few weeks praying...fasting... reading all about attachment... we've prayed some more... we've packed our bags... we've spent time at my parents cottage...

we've read stories with our kids... cleaned out the toy room... folded a million loads of laundry... cried... emptied and reloaded the dishwasher a gazillion times... laughed with the kids... run to Target for donations... cuddled with Lincoln...prepared Bedilu and Meron's rooms... we've run our kids to piano lessons, and our girls to ballet and sewing lessons... snuggled with our 4 children here at home... and we've started our school year. It's our 5th year of home schooling.

Yesterday was the official start to the school year and I took a few pics of our sweet kiddos all. geared. up for more wonderful home education;)

We're enjoying the beginnings of fall weather. Knowing that the apple orchard, football, sweatshirts and leaves changing beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow are right around the corner.

And also knowing that in just a few short weeks, we'll be on a plane to bring home Bedilu Elijah and Meron Ruth Seevers to join our family.

Please continue to pray with us as we prepare to bring them home. Pray for those at the Embassy who are reviewing our kids files. Pray that the Lord brings all the details of our travel together. and Pray for our hearts as we wait... and then as we start this NEW journey of raising 2 more amazing Seevers' kids.

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