Friday, February 24, 2012

If you know a mom with 6 kids...

If you know a mom with 6 kids, chances are that one of them will need help practicing her piano lessons, and while helping it's inevitable that said child will break down into a crying fit because she's 8 and "life is just too hard". And chances are that oldest child will feel left out because that mom hasn't said " I love you" enough times this morning and said child is frustrated because she has to go run on the treadmill for 1 mile as part of her daily routine. While still at the piano it's certain that 3 littles will be causing mischief in the basement as oldest is on the treadmill and after several minutes, chances are that oldest will come upstairs crying because she can't concentrate on running, especially after 2nd born refused to help with the littles because "he didn't come down to watch the littles, but to play!"

It's certain that at this point that this mom will go to the basement steps to have a "word" with 2nd born on the reality that "he is not the center of the universe". And chances are that this mom who is already exhausted at 9am, will most certainly hear running water behind the closed bathroom door... she will open it to find that someone... ahem... a certain 4 year old, decided it was a good idea to turn on the hot water faucet in the sink after washing his hands and leave it on full blast, all while said child ALSO thought it a good idea to put the stopper in the sink, shut off the light and close the door.

Chances are that water will be all over the counter, the floor, and under the sink by the gallons.

Ahh. Just one of the joys of knowing a mom with 6 kids. You can laugh at her and with her.

So, if you know a mom with 6 kids, please be kind to her. Chances are she needs a hug.


  1. SO SO true!! Life with 6 is definitely keeping me on my toes:)!! I feel like my lame excuse for why I can't do anything with anyone anymore is "I duuno I'm REALLY tired!". Problem is, it's TRUE! I'm always tired:). Oh well, never a dull moment...