Saturday, May 5, 2012

positively motivated

Have you ever seen the movie Chariots of Fire? I remember seeing this film as a kid. Forget the fact that I fell asleep during the middle. But the end…whoa. If slow motion running doesn’t put goose bumps on your epidermis, well…never mind.

Katie will be participating in a race of her own this coming September 9th, the Chicago Half Marathon. In it, she will be running for more than just herself. She will be running with TEAM TRUTH and ProjectHopeful.

You see, two of our children live with HIV.  It’s honestly not a big deal. Which is why you'll never see trumpets blowing, banners flying or any other crazy announcements. They are, first and foremost, incredible kids with an incredibly bright future.

If you’re like us, then you’re still sitting there, saying “okay, so what?”. But there might be others that just saw a giant elephant walk into the room…well, let us help you show that elephant the way out.

The elephant:

We saw the elephant too. But it has taught us that love is bigger than any fear, doubt, or stigma.

When we were led on the journey of adoption we knew that it would be a trans-formative journey. An exciting Indiana Jones adventure that leads you into uncharted territory, where you will be tested and tried, and come out on the other side with some kind of priceless historical artifact...or, maybe just some bumps and bruises.  

But as our journey began to unfold, God laid it on our hearts to be open to adopt children that others have looked over. Although initially intimidated at the thought of the unknown, we began asking questions. Lots and lots of questions. And for those who are still walking the elephant to the door, here is what we discovered;

Truth about HIV:

The CDC states: "Only specific fluids (blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk) from an HIV-infected person can transmit HIV. These specific fluids must come in contact with a mucous membrane or damaged tissue or be directly injected into the blood-stream (from a needle or syringe) for transmission to possibly occur." (source)

In case you missed it, you can only contract HIV in three primary ways.
  • Unprotected sex
  • Sharing of needles
  • By birth/breastfeeding
That’s it. There’s never been a documented case of anyone contracting HIV in a normal household setting. You can’t get it by drinking out of the same cup, by giving hugs or kisses, wrestling, or just being plain goofy. What every normal family does.

Oh and here’s the other thing. If you are taking medication regularly, it can suppress the virus to undetectable levels. Did you read that last part? Un-detect-able. Virtually non-existent. This is the case with our kids.

Again…not a big deal.

These facts opened our hearts to these two awesome children. For those of you who have met them, they are incredibly special additions to our family.

Running the Race:

Katie will be running this race for our kids and to raise funds for the work that Project Hopeful is doing...spreading the truth about adoption and HIV.

So what does this have to do with Chariots of Fire? Well, everything really. In it, Eric Liddell said…
...I want you to do more than just watch a race. I want you to take part in it. I want to compare faith to running in a race. It's hard. It requires concentration of will, energy of soul. You experience elation when the winner breaks the tape... But how long does that last? You go home. Maybe you're dinner's burnt. Maybe you haven't got a job. So who am I to say, "Believe, have faith," in the face of life's realities? I would like to give you something more permanent, but I can only point the way. I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within. Jesus said, "Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. If with all your hearts, you truly seek me, you shall ever surely find me." If you commit yourself to the love of Christ, then that is how you run a straight race.’ (

Life’s realities can be painful. And for our kids these realities could have been dire. But there is always hope... and truth.

To that end, we would like to raise $1000 for Project Hopeful as they continue to spread the truth about HIV and adoption. Would you please consider partnering with us by contributing to this worthwhile cause?

Hope and truth needs to be shared.

Donate at the Project Hopeful TEAM TRUTH site, scroll to the bottom and look for Katie's name.

Thank you.