about my four words

Greetings! Welcome to our blog home. Make yourself comfortable. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and cozy on up to the computer screen. We're on an adventure. It's called life, and it's never what you expect it will be. And you know what? We're finally okay with it. Being a cog in a wheel isn't any fun anyway.

If you're like me, you came out of college starting to assemble your life's task list. As a matter of fact, your list may have looked something like this;
  1. Find a job (a decent one w/good pay)
  2. Find a spouse (may be combined with #1)
  3. Get married
  4. Buy a house (a fixer upper will work)
  5. Have children (2 or 3 are good numbers)
  6. Add a pet (verdict is still out on this one)
  7. Retire
  8. Travel (destination: overseas)
A pretty simple and straight forward list. As I began to check off each item, I moved on to the next. In my head, there was no going backwards. But, after Katie (the spouse I found while working on item #2) and I accomplished item #5 three times (resulting in MJ, JBoy, & CBear) that seemed like a good place to stop. Until Katie said she wanted another little one running around (item #4).

"But you don't understand...I have my list, we don't add or rearrange items. I'm done with #5. Let's move to #6." (Which, truth be told, I still wasn't crazy about.)

That's when He hit me. With a giant 2x4. (Who is the "He", you're asking? You can learn more about Him here.) So I opened my heart to a fourth. And LBobber is a crazy-awesome addition to our fam...

But during those early conversations with Katie, I said four words that I believed in my heart would never come true. That "I would rather adopt", than have another baby. Well, those words have echoed in my head since the day I spoke them more than 2 years ago.

So...? We're adopting. My life's checklist is getting rearranged. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything.