our process

This is where our process began, and where it is today...

January 2010
After the earthquake in Haiti, we felt prompted to act. We officially made the decision to adopt.

February-March -
Research different agencies

May -
Decided to partner with AWAA
Sent application to AWAA

June -
Officially accepted into the Ethiopia program
Received reams of paperwork for homestudy (ugh)

July -
TB tests (negative)
Second meeting with social worker
Home study visit at our home

August -
Final meeting with social worker/rough draft of home study done!

September -
FINALLY got our state clearances!
Home study shipped of to USCIS
October -
Guess who is getting fingerprinted? Oh, yeah.

November -
Waiting. Waiting. And waiting. I-171 why must you torment us?

December -
We are now officially on the un-official referral list. Our dossier is officially in Ethiopia! This is where the real waiting occurs. I hope that we can update this page sooner than 4-6 months, only time will tell. Babes...we're coming for you!

March - 2011
We receive our referral for two wonderful children! "B" who is almost 4, and "M" who is almost 2.

June - 2011
We get our court date for July 21st! Can't believe we actually get to meet our children for the very first time!